Masculine and Feminine Polarity Work

A guide to navigate polarity, duality, and your own evolution

Masculine and Feminine Polarity Work Book

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Masculine and feminine polarity work maps
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Masculine and Feminine Polarity Work is a physiological framework for personal and relationship development. It is also used as an integrative therapy practice alongside:

  • de-armouring
  • breathwork
  • and energetic bodywork

A creative, and powerful approach, to transform fear, pain, and trauma, on the cellular level, supporting us to align our three main bodies, and function from a higher vibration, with access to our power.

Related teachings, can be found in the works of Carl Jung (western psychology), Osho (eastern yogic principles), and many modern day schools, with a focus on: the recognition, and integration, of our inner Masculine and Feminine dynamics.

Polarity work takes us back to basics, giving simple and profound methods for working with the universal laws of polarity, duality, oneness, and the laws of attraction, vibration, and resistance. 

By polarising the Masculine and Feminine within our personality traits, we can see if we are integrated, in a healthy, or unhealthy way: better understanding ourselves and the people we love. It is not about polarisation or unity, it is about both.

For people who struggle using, or accepting, the law of attraction, then understanding polarity and duality through their inner Masculine and Feminine is often the missing piece.

The Polarity Framework allows us to, not just re-define ourselves, but also relationships with our parents, romantic partners, and children. It helps us take a fresh look at: humanity; sexuality; gender issues; feminism; capitalism; governance; leadership; war; shadow work; how we heal ourselves, and life in general.

In its entirety, it is a system to:

  • Align your physical, mental, and emotional bodies
  • Raise your vibration
  • Change your relationship to judgments
  • Release trauma, and negative emotions
  • Approach shadow work
  • Create transformative change, through a system, of de-armouring, energetic body, breath work, and the polarity framework itself
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Masculine and feminine polarity work maps

The four maps outline how to move between our Masculine and Feminine polarities to help evolve ourselves and others. 

1. The Masculine and Feminine mirror

2. Devolving the Masculine and Feminine

3. Evolving the Masculine and Feminine

4. The immature shadow 

They help us make our Mature and immature traits healthy, finding more integration in our lives while we support others to do the same.  

If you only print one, make sure it is ‘The Masculine and Feminine Mirror’, as this contains all of the information in it when you know how to read it. 

Every time you notice an unhealthy or immature expression in yourself, come back to these maps and see what lessons you can learn through understanding the polarity and duality of the situation. 

These maps are best understood after attending a workshop or reading the book, but please feel free to download and start using them in a self explanatory way.

Masculine and Feminine Polarity Work Book

Eventually we'd like to see Masculine and Feminine Polarity Work trainings in all areas of society, from healthcare to schools and prison rehabilitation programs.