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Masculine and Feminine Polarity Work Book

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Masculine and Feminine Polarity Work Maps

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The four maps outline how to move between our Masculine and Feminine polarities to help evolve ourselves and others. 

1. The Masculine and Feminine mirror

2. Devolving the Masculine and Feminine

3. Evolving the Masculine and Feminine

4. The immature shadow 

They help us make our Mature and immature traits healthy, finding more integration in our lives while we support others to do the same.  

If you only print one, make sure it is ‘The Masculine and Feminine Mirror’, as this contains all of the information in it when you know how to read it. 

Every time you notice an unhealthy or immature expression in yourself, come back to these maps and see what lessons you can learn through understanding the polarity and duality of the situation. 

These maps are best understood after attending a workshop or reading the book, but please feel free to download and start using them in a self explanatory way.

Remember that our immature traits are not necessarily ‘bad’, but need to be developed so they are healthy. The process is about judging less and coming to a natural state of balance.

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Eventually we'd like to see Masculine and Feminine Polarity Work trainings in all areas of society, from healthcare to schools and prison rehabilitation programs.