The Inner Marriage

A guide to masculine and feminine polarity work

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  • Game changing Learning the principles of masculine/feminine polarity should be part of mainstream education, in my opinion, for they underline all of who we are and how we respond. Elliott explains it so clearly and his book is the only one with practical tables that help you identify and navigate between the light and shadow sides of each of the polarities. I even printed and laminated them so I can carry copies wherever I go, to practice alchemising in the moment! Applying the principles of this book will give you profound insights into yourself and immeasurably improve your relationships with others. A must buy!
    Emma Thomson
  • So useful! It is a utterly useful tool to navigate through all the stuff in life that lifts you up or brings you down. It is systematic without being judgemental to yourself or others. This book is not just another book but a guide that makes you understand principles, yourself and other people.
    Isabelle Marie
  • Excellent read! I found a wealth of information and facts about duality and polarity work. Absolutely fascinating! Great read.
    Lisa Holladay
  • Unique work,deep and thought provoking. The way of discussion and presentation of ideas was impressive with language simple and engaging.
  • An Asset 4 Internal Strength Work I've been reading this on my own & reading some of the really strong sections to my love. I really appreciate this book so far...the steps of progression from immature to mature, how immature isn't necessarily better sometimes, how duality makes it possible to shortcut or cross ruff between masculine & feminine development... going to recommend it to our sound healing community🙏💢💮
    Somerset R. Waters
  • Very helpful I am grateful for this book. It is very helpful to understand myself and others. I wish everyone, especially men and teenagers, to read this book.
  • Great read Great book with uplifting and enlightening content
  • Your book is amazing! Just finished it, I’m using it and teaching it in my personal healing practice as well as a facilitator of healing. I was at a breath work conference this weekend and I probably told 10 different people about your work, your book and your page! Keep going!!! You’re worthy of sharing your truth, your book is brilliant and much needed!!!
  • A realistic approach to integration: More focus, joy and grounding, more success on all levels. It is really rare that I feel joy and fulfillment when reading a book that on the one hand confronts me so deeply with my own dark sides (and those of the society we maintain) and on the other hand gives me exactly the information, groundbreaking approaches and examples that I wish each of my fellow human beings to find and explicitly encourage them to take action. The book is superbly structured, formulated to the point. It offers concrete approaches to action, how everyone has the power and possibility to rise from immaturity to maturity: From mental chaos to emotional peace, from fear to trust, from avoidance to surrender, from "mindslavery" to empowerment. More focus, joy and grounding, more success on all levels. The book is a guide to create a fulfilled life for oneself and to become a symbol for others for what one's soul desires to experience. This work covers everything the mind needs to know to engage with itself, integrates many exercises that help to open the mind, to direct it politely but firmly to what needs to be seen in order to manifest lasting changes in life, and at the same time gives an outlook on what is created through this transformative work. (Check the Polarity Map: Mature Feminine + Mature Masculine) In order to truly understand spirituality in modern life, in one's own body, to live from this power and to have a significant impact on the environment through one's own experience, an imprint is needed in the body that helps the mind to feel what it is learning: Through energetic bodywork, de-armoring, breathing techniques and (yet better known methods such as Somatic Experience) Elliott Saxby offers an all-encompassing work that touches the mind, body and heart, an encouraging challenge to face one's own shadow, learn to love it and to go one's own way with dignity and compassion rather than falling victim to unfulfilled, self-denied needs. Elliott offers energetic bodywork in one-on-one sessions, long-term support, workshops etc. From my personal experience I can warmly recommend this, the knowledge from the book as a basis for integrating one's inner landscape of femininity and masculinity.
    Ulrike B
  • A brave and insightful introduction to masculine and feminine polarity work If you have come to this page, then chances are that you are here because life and experiences have drawn you here. On this note, I won't spend too much time explaining what the book is about - you can Google that. I will start by saying that I think this book is a gift. It bravely attempts to explain what we all possibly know in and about our bodies: that they have ways to speak to us (at a basic level when we are hungry with a stomach rumble, and beyond this at many different levels!), that we are able to step into the essence of masculinity and femininity without 'compromising' who we are, and that by virtue of such efforts to explore our shadows, we can heal and release often long-embedded traumas. As a coach and trainer, I am constantly looking for relevant and interesting documentation and resources to help me with my L&D role in day-to-day corporate life. On this note, I was initially fascinated by what Elliott introduces in the early pages of his book: how we can explore common traits belonging to our "Mature" and "Immature" and follow guidance maps that allow us to embody opposing poles in order to learn from and transform our shadows. Elliott makes every effort to use simple examples to bring this to life via a variety of relevant topics such as shame. Indeed, the book is full of exercises,questions and scenarios that help to bring the topics to life which are highly accessible and interesting. I have booked several face-to-face sessions with Elliott in order to explore the contents of the book in person and have been delighted by the results. Hint: it might take an open mind to face one's fears and truly commit to a life of intention and purpose. Despite my concerns, I have always felt fully supported along the way and delighted by the accessible, non-judgement revelations that he brings to such topics as: archetypes, relationships, energy, de-armouring; and, healing. Indeed, all of Elliott's work is in aid of pursuing a life of purpose and resonance and one can feel this when reading his book. I would add here that one cannot expect that it "all makes sense" after reading the book once - it takes time, practice and experience to truly understand and live by some of the elements that are introduced in the book, and there are parts that you may or may not agree with. In any case, i would strongly recommend the book to anyone who is seriously exploring their journey inwards towards a more profound understanding of what a balanced, peaceful inner life might look like that looks openly at what it means to pay homage to the masculine and feminine elements that are within us all. To complete this review, I'd possibly like to add in deference to Elliott's wonderful way with this complicated topic that you'll just know if the book is for you because your body will tell you.
    Cannane Richard
  • A powerful inner self-realization tool. A great, gentle, and irresistible read. I found it easy engage with the book through the four maps although they presented challenges and moments of self-realization. After reading the book I had an emotional realization about conflict in my life. I now understood conflict more effectively, and have started to change my values and attitudes, I feel like I’ve just started a new happier life of forgiving and letting go. A potent tool that every person needs to making that change and understanding themselves. I highly recommend it!
  • A Significant Read The book explores the importance and dimensions of self discovery, self development, sexuality and more. It focuses on how you work as a whole with the universe and through all the white noise and distractions. And all this through an interactive form of narration. It makes you think deep, about your conceptions and notions of attraction. As an Indian I’m very well aware of concepts like Advaita and it’s interesting to see her deal with it. Masculine and Feminine Polarity Work: A Guide to Navigate Polarity, Duality, and Your Own Evolution by Elliott Saxby is definitely well researched. It is a self help guide and acts as a working guide on finding and understanding yourself better. It helps you confront your emotions better. I connected with the essence of the book.. It is filled with practical advice. The narrative is interesting and is thus a fast read. The writing is beautiful, gripping, inspirational and most importantly very significant.
  • Great Book This book couldn't have been written at a better time. There have been published so many self-help and guidance books on how to love yourself, how to live a healthy and happy life but there are hardly any books on a topic concerning a human's characteristics irrespective of gender. there are some inbuilt qualities which decide our traits and based on which people judge us, I'd rather say misjudge us because they do not know about the actuality of feminine and masculine traits, how to understand them, navigate and make the best out them. the maps that are depicted in the book are extremely accurate and you know they are correct right when you look at them. I recommend this book, you must read it.
    Khilan Pandya
  • Everyone in their life had a moment of crisis in which they had asked themselves what had gone wrong and what could have been done. Most of the times these problems are just how our inner self perceives certain situations. This book, despite not having the presumption of telling the reader categorical answers and paths to follow, offers a great journey into the complex world of understanding the inner self. The language used makes the reading flowing and easy to follow, captivating and fascinating. All the terms used are explained at the end of the book in an appendix that can be consulted in moments of confusion, I would also suggest reading it before the actual book to have a better idea of the topic. Another positive aspect of this book is that it offers four different tables of the different interactions of Masculine and Feminine that can be printed and thus easily consulted. What I liked the most was how the concept of Masculine and Feminine did not follow the societal categorization that only men can be Masculine and women Feminine. Both men and women have coexisting Masculine and Feminine characteristics. It is only to this polarity and their balance inside a person and consequently in a relationship that success can be reached. The duality is also found in immature and Mature behavior and while immature behaviors are not always bad, the book offers techniques to follow to evolve, devolve and devolve our inner self. The more I read the more I recognized myself in some behaviors described in the pages. All the elements in this book helped me stop and look inside myself to try and better myself. I highly recommend it!
    Eroica Bambina Good Reads
  • A very interesting read! I was admittedly skeptical of the idea at first, thinking this was just going to be another book with hetero and cisnormative ideas. But I was pleasantly surprised. It helped broaden the picture of what feminine and masculine qualities actually are while properly displaying what they are not. It helps to shape us as people instead of sex or gender; accepting both the good as well as the bad of both. It truly embraces the idea of one not living without another both in the world around us as well as inside ourselves. Not putting one above the other or diminishing someone who has more of one energy over the other. In witchcraft, we have masculine and feminine energy in nature. It's a balance between each other and some have chosen to change the terms from passive and active as it means the same thing. So, this work had the same basic concepts. We don't put the moon above the sun or plants above water. Masculine and feminine qualities exist in both as far as spirituality is concerned. Even when something is prominently feminine or masculine, it's never diminished. Even if you are unsure, it is still a very interesting read to broaden your perspective at the very least. I recommend this book to anyone wanting to better yourself and understand your own energy and personality.
    Morgan Good Reads
  • Inner self-actualization After reading this I learned the understanding of the inner self and the separation between the mature and the immature is the first important step to having a great future. "Masculine and Feminine Polarity Work: A Guide to Navigate Polarity, Duality, and Your Own Evolution," is a great and unique book that gives amazing analogies for understanding life. Furthermore it helps in making the changes needed for a better balance of masculine and feminine traits. Polarity and duality are an integral part of nature and the understandings this book has given me is really helping me to take the most effective decisions and to give me more choice in how I react to situation. The book is a perfect guide on how to rediscover the inner self and enhance the traits of the mature masculine and feminine while developing and adjusting the immature characteristics. I highly recommend it!
    Kevoh John Good Reads
  • With the appropriate choice of words and extensive explanation, the author has vividly presented a concept which needs our attention. The masculine and feminine traits which are inbuilt parts of humans, irrespective of gender, need to be understood and steered through smartly instead of being misinterpreted for which the writer has done a great job to help us. You might find some repetitive words and assume the ideas are also the same but that's not true. I personally was amazed by the fact that how accurate the maps depicted in the book are and I couldn't argue to any of its points. I definitely recommend reading this book.
    Fountain Head Good Reads

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Masculine and Feminine Polarity Work Maps

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The four maps outline how to move between our Masculine and Feminine polarities to help evolve ourselves and others. 

1. The Masculine and Feminine mirror

2. Devolving the Masculine and Feminine

3. Evolving the Masculine and Feminine

4. The immature shadow 

They help us make our Mature and immature traits healthy, finding more integration in our lives while we support others to do the same.  

If you only print one, make sure it is ‘The Masculine and Feminine Mirror’, as this contains all of the information in it when you know how to read it. 

Every time you notice an unhealthy or immature expression in yourself, come back to these maps and see what lessons you can learn through understanding the polarity and duality of the situation. 

These maps are best understood after attending a workshop or reading the book, but please feel free to download and start using them in a self explanatory way.

Remember that our immature traits are not necessarily ‘bad’, but need to be developed so they are healthy. The process is about judging less and coming to a natural state of balance.

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Eventually we'd like to see Masculine and Feminine Polarity Work trainings in all areas of society, from healthcare to schools and prison rehabilitation programs.