Mature Masculine Tools for a Healthy Society

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Ethical Consumer 

If you've read the book then you'll know

  • It's all about personal AND planetary transformation through balancing and integrating our Masculine and Feminine poles
  • Mature Masculine structures are currently the most needed in society, as immature ones are dominant

The book highlights these 5 tools to support more Mature Masculine presence in our world

  • Integrative Therapy
  • Ethical Consumer
  • Permaculture
  • Spiral Dynamics integral
  • Sociocracy / Holacracy

Of course there are many more, but if we all have a basic understanding of these five, and so do our children, then an evolved form of democracy will be possible in the future, and for many of us, within our lifetime.


If you would like to see balanced leadership, Mature Masculine and Feminine leadership, in the world, one of the most powerful things that we can all do, is to lead with consumer power, by committing to the statement:

“I will not spend money, where I would not want to work, or want my loved ones to work.”

This is one of the most simple, but powerful actions, that we can take, the moment, we all do this, society drastically changes. Eventually, it will have to lead to a raise in unemployment, in a more beneficial way, than A.I (Artificial Intelligence), is currently increasing unemployment, and to counteract this, our approach to time management, and the distribution of wealth, will have to change, giving us all, more free time, to do the things that we love.

All of this, needs to happen slowly enough, for our governments, and capitalism, to adjust, but it is, only when, conscious and green capitalism, is making money, then all capitalism, will be conscious and green: this is the fundamental law of, ‘supply and demand’, that our economy is built on. So, for as much as your budget will allow, please commit to the statement:

“I will not spend money, where I would not want to work, or want my loved ones to work.”

For drastic societal change to take place, transformation in mass personal consciousnesses, has to happen first, we can see this, personal transformation, happening all over the world, but to sustain it, we have to push on the collective front too. We need systems, and technology, in place, to support our collective, and individual shifts, as without structures, and an environment that supports our transformation, we will fall back, and devolve. When Governments enforce, the correct policy, and tax changes, within an acceptable transition period, society will change, but, governments can only enforce these policies, when the demos (the population), is a reflection of the changes, thus can attract them, and are a match for them.

Law of attraction

By focusing, too much, on the law of attraction, on an individual level, and not enough, on polarity, on both an individual, and collective level, we have created unhealthy competition, in our use of the law of attraction.

Far too many people, who understand, and are completely able to use the law of attraction, are still, working in soul destroying jobs, that are not aligned to who they are, and, due to lack of money, they’re eating foods not right for them, and relying on medical care that hurts them, even though they have the knowledge, and heart, ready for a much more beautiful world.

This is not to say, that using the law of attraction, to create a life of abundance does not work, it can, and does, but we need to acknowledge, that working with the law of attraction, in our current models of society, means it comes with an underlying tone, of unhealthy competition. Metaphorically, competition is the pink elephant in the room, when we apply the law of attraction, into a capitalistic system. If it was not, then there simply would not be so much poverty, and suffering, in our world. Once we acknowledge this, about the law of attraction, we can start to work in a way, that better supports the big evolutionary shifts, that our societies, need to be getting ready for.

Many people, wish to live, and work, in a way that allows them more time, time for themselves, for each other, for community, and family. Time to, breath, stretch, be coached, taught, and, to teach, and coach.

Loneliness does come from being alone, but in having a gift, and love to share, and no one to share it with

(adapted quote, from Carl Jung).

The first steps might be small, and to drastically change our whole life, overnight, is not possible for many, but if you don’t want to be a pizza delivery boy, don’t call them all the time, and don’t fall into the mental trap, of “oh well, everyone needs work, and money”. If you don’t want to work in factories for the rest of your life, aim (you might fail sometimes, and that’s okay, but aim), to only buy items, that come with a 10+ year, or lifetime guarantee (just avoid cheap plastic crap at all costs). If you personally would not want to, or would not want your children to work in an abattoir (animal slaughter house), or on the conveyer belt of a frozen fish factory, please consider taking animal products out of your diet, or, at least invest into plant based nutrition and agriculture. Plant based diets, are far more sustainable, for a far great number of people than we are led to believe: plant based agricultural, and nutritional practices, are massively lacking because the pharmaceutical industry is overdeveloped, thus we are missing the science, and technology, needed to make plant based diets work, on a larger scale.

Life can be beautiful for every human being on this planet, for the majority of their life span, when we change the way we live.

To create such a system change, diversity, and creativity are key. Creating a system that: empowers people, allows them to lead, be creative, and integrate back, into the greater whole, is essential. It is not capitalism, and it is not communism, it is something that we have not created yet, and it will not happen overnight, changes to our current systems, and education, have to come first. So, if you are a person, or represent a business, or institution, who would like to get ready for, and support balanced Masculine and Feminine leadership, in our world, I highly recommend adopting these three systems:

  1. Spiral Dynamics. To develop opposing human value systems, to a point of integrative understanding


  1. Sociocracy, Holacracy, or similar. Empty, and culture-less decision-making structures, that take the best of autocratic, democratic, and consensus decision-making, and management styles


  1. Permaculture. Primarily, a nature-based system, for land management, the principles also relate to systems, of human design, following the patterns, principles, and wisdom, inherent in nature (on a more reductionist level, this is called biomimicry)