Workshop feedback and testimonials 

  • Hello Elliott, I want to thank you again for the workshop. It really meant a lot to me. I needed to learn how to release the energy because it has been building up inside me and is so intense that it can actually hurt. When you were introducing the topics of energy I related to everything you said, so it was great to hear how much of what I experienced is true for others. Thanks again, and all the best
    Sheena Germany
  • Elliott offered powerful knowledge that I feel can apply to every moment of my life. I found his guidance centered and focused, yet it allowed space for me to tap into my emotional currents. I found my emotions with a single body exercise, and in this space, they could flow like they wanted. My breathing habits have changed significantly, and now my body feels open and flowing with energy. Thank you for a wonderful workshop, Elliott.
    Antonio Juarez Zürich, Switzerland
  • I really enjoyed the whole weekend. It’s hard to inspire and convince me but you did 😃 I really want to learn how you work, so I’m looking forward to a training in this. Perhaps I’ll come to the April Workshop too. I had touching realisations about my past and the last exercise left me feeling so deeply that i am love, i am loved and i am open for love. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all. Hugh hug in gratitude
    Mirjam Zürich
  • I want to thank you so much for this amazing workshop. Me and my body felt very safe with your work . You and the group created an open space for more possibilities and healing. My body liked the breathing and shaking, touching and very important the connecting to the earth. Afterwards I felt relaxed and open, really recognising my connection and energy in my lower half. My stomach was very relaxed.
    Petra Germany
  • Hi Elliott, thank you for this great workshop. I look forward to working with you privately
    Agnes Freiburg, Germany
  • Hi Elliott, thank you very much for giving us this wonderful experience.
    Hannah Freiburg, Germany
  • Elliott Saxby – to my knowledge a unique approach to free blocked emotional energy in the body through orgasmic body work triggered by breathing techniques and much more. We were with him as partners and he guided the process for both of us. He managed to bring our masculine and feminine polarity much closer to each other. Being fairly conscious about many things including how psycho-drama works, he made it possible for me to let go of control, release tension and feel adequately guided. Touched and triggered in every single moment – I felt deep trust to receive his impulses and follow them. In the end a deep katharsis, feeling of liberation, of having done an intense work with some natural exhaustion.
  • I’ve already had 4 sessions with Elliott and visited one of his workshop. Every single session felt a bit life-changing. Before I met Elliott, I knew, that there was still a lot of trauma and pain deep inside me. I wished to let it go but had no idea how, and I had no idea of how light and vibrant the body would feel without all the old stuff, or how much energy this letting go would create in my life! After releasing emotions and trauma in session one and two, the third session was one of the most pleasureful energetical things I have experienced. I have no words for that what it was 🙂 But this strong feminine power energy carried me over several weeks and let me glow 🙂 The fourth session was a kind of detoxing. Elliott uncovered a point that I was holding on so tight, I did not dare to show, did not dare to come to the surface… But it came. And over days my body started a real detox. It is amazing how professional Elliott can handle and transform all these emotions and energies that the clients set free. Elliott, I thank you so much that you share your biggest gift with us.
    Nancy Switzerland
  • Elliott created a safe and powerful space for my body to awaken and fill with pure, natural life-force energy. He is caring and kind, and this helped me to fully feel and release some emotions that were trapped in the body. I felt alive and full of positive energy after the session. I’d recommend his work particularly for people who’d like to discover their energy body for the first time, and who need sensitivity and understanding to help them release negative emotions and bring joy and happiness into the body
    Kate London
  • The work of Elliott is extraordinary and he creates a framework by feeling completely safe and secure. Through the exercises, the body takes over as the sole director and under the supervision of Elliott you can let the movements flow and blockages can easily dissolve The intense feeling that is felt at the end of the session throughout the body, is indescribable and you are like on clouds. A wonderful job and so gentle yet extremely powerful.
    Andrea Zürich
  • Thank you so much. A had little anger come up in the afternoon but after that and especially on Saturday I felt sooo liberated and free, full of bliss and love. It felt, like a release of something old, like I let go of an old coat I was wearing and I could step out of it.
  • I am feeling really, really great and I have the impression that I released the trauma / pattern which is related to my mother. That’s a wonderful release and a breakthrough! I’m very grateful for this. Thank you so much for your support!