Masculine & Feminine Polarity Weekend Workshop

We all have an inner Masculine and an inner Feminine, and this has nothing do with gender. Both our Masculine and Feminine have mature and immature expressions: as well as heathy and unhealthy, shadow, and integrated ones.

In this weekend introduction we will explore these expressions through our three main bodies, learning how to use both polarity and duality for our own evolution.

Freiburg, Germany. Saturday 2nd to Sunday 3rd November 2019
Zürich, Switzerland. Saturday 30th November & Sunday 1st December 2019

Masculine & Feminine Integrative Therapy

2020 Easter Retreat, Lake Constance

One week retreat to explore, deepen, polarise and integrate the Masculine and Feminine polarities within ourselves through the practices of:

  • Body de-armouring
  • Energetic bodywork
  • Breathwork

We will also:

  • Learn to use the Polarity Framework from the book.
  • Practice Masculine & Feminine dialogue work from the non-dual perspective.
  • Explore our relationship to hierarchy through the concepts of trust, surrender and leadership.
Integrative Therapy Workshops

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